$4.1 Million Trial Verdict - Slip And Fall Accident

Our client was a 60-year-old female staying at a hotel in La Mirada when she slipped and fell on a piece of flooring that slid back-and-forth and was not maintained by the hotel. 

When our client fell, her knee struck the ground so hard it fractured her patella (knee cap) into 10 pieces.  After contacting Injury Legal Center, she was able to find a doctor that could perform the difficult surgery and obtain the physical therapy she needed.  Even with physical therapy, she was still unable to walk and put weight on her affected leg.  Her orthopedic doctor recommended an additional surgery to remove scar tissue.  The revision surgery helped her regain her range of motion and attempt to walk again without the assistance of a walker or a cane. 

While she was treating for her knee injury, the attorneys at Injury Legal Center heavily litigated the case as the insurance company for the hotel made an initial offer of only $85,000.  The attorneys took the case to trial and obtained a verdict of 3.5 million dollars. 

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